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Image of Tiger Leaping Flower Burst - tea blossom

Tiger Leaping Flower Burst - tea blossom


Flowers bursting forth with splendid colour in springtime are reflected in this exquisite artisan tea. Handmade and hand tied with skill and care, Tiger Leaping Flower Burst provides an exceptional display as each bloom gracefully unfolds. An exquisite flowering green tea with a depth of taste that's layered with hints of peach, jasmine and lily. One of our most popular flowering teas, one pod will work well in a 2-3 Cup Glass Teapot.

INGREDIENTS: Luxury green tea, Lily, Jasmine and Osmanthus blossoms.
ORIGIN: Yunnan Province, China. Grown: 1500 - 3000ft above sea level.
CAFFEINE: Approx 20mg per cup
LEAVES: Artisan Handcrafted - Hand made and Hand tied
AROMA: Fresh green tea bouquet with hints of peach, lily and jasmine
COLOUR: Bright, golden infusion
TASTE: Smooth and full green tea taste. Peach character from osmanthus prominent with hints of jasmine and lily.
WELL BEING: Relaxing
WELL BEING: Balancing
FLAVOUR: Vegetal, preach, jasmine, slightly floral
STRENGTH: Light Bodied

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